Under the Mayor’s watch, City Council finance chair Katheryn Shields approved 185 million (over and above the 160 million received from a federal grant) for street car expansion while proposing a drastic cut in the KCFD & KCPD budgets?

The mayor and city council just can’t seem to find any money anywhere to prevent the budget cuts for our first responders.

The street car is cool and all but do you really think it should be valued over our safety?

Actions show you who people really are. Words show you who they pretend to be!

It’s time to get new leadership in KC. Starting at the top.

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Kansas City just has its 153 homicide which equals the all time record.

Kansas City is already number five in the nation for murders per capita. We’re on track to move up to number four.

The mayor and the city Council want to cut the KCPD & KCFD budgets by millions. Great idea right? Let’s be less safe than we already are.

Kansas City is in a crisis. Have you had enough yet?

If so, make sure you contact everybody you know to sign the petition to recall Mayor Lucas. Change won’t happen until we change leadership in Kansas City.