Taking KC Back has been given some disturbing information which we are taking a serious look at.

We have been told that KC top Health Department official Rex Archer does not have a current medical license. After an NPI search we could not find Rex Archer as a currently licensed physician. If he is a practicing physician he should have one. If he isn’t that’s troubling in a lot of ways.

We have also been told that another doctor has been hired to oversee his decisions. That doctor was hired through the fire department. Rex Archer makes $220,000 a year. The doctor who allegedly overseas his decisions makes $110,000 a year.

If true, why is Archer calling the shots for public health concerns? Why are we paying him as well as another doctor six figure salaries when the city is so far in debt?

Taking KC Back will be doing more research to see what we can find and will let you know. If anyone has information regarding this matter, please let us know.