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Call to Action!!!
We need a massive number of volunteers to work the polls on November 3rd.
We now have a SignUpGenius page set up for Poll Volunteers. Please sign up. We need your help to Take Kansas City Back.

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Together, We're Taking Kansas City Back

The Issues

  1. Mayor Quinton Lucas allowed those who damaged and looted businesses and attacked police officers to be released, and not held accountable according to the law and let a judge decide.
  2. KC is in the top 5 and/or top 10 place in America for deadliest cities. Mayor Quinton Lucas rejected federal aid to remove murderers from our streets.
  3. The mandates that Mayor Quinton Lucas has in place has assisted in a $60 Million budget shortfall. The city is now wanting to reduce KCPD AND KCFD budgets by 11%. This will weaken our already short staffed public safety.
  1. Kansas Citians First Amendment rights have been ignored by allowing same day pass provisions allowing controversial street murals. Mayor Quinton Lucas was fully aware of residents wanting murals to support KCPD yet he was derelict in his duties to allow all voices to be heard. This should have been put to a vote for the citizens to decide!
  2. Small businesses are the backbone of KC. They have been hit hard by the mandates that Mayor Quinton Lucas has put into place. This has caused over 400 businesses to permanently close in KC. These mandates that Quinton Lucas has imposed has reduced businesses profitability and their ability to run their businesses without fear of repercussions.

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