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Hello Patriots! We knew that utilizing the polls was necessary, but we feel that the first round hurt us in a couple ways. One being that people didn’t know that they needed to re-sign the petition. The other being that the media pegged the previous efforts as "anti-mask" and "racist". We did our best to get our reasons out, to reverse those images. But it didn’t make a difference. People had their minds made up. Another thing that hurt us was that so many small businesses and unions were afraid to sign the petition for fear of the Mayors retaliation. Unions were threatening their members if they signed the petition, we did not have this with the first efforts. Unfortunately, citizens have become complacent. They think that just because someone is voted in, that we can’t do anything till they are voted out. If this happened 50 years ago, we would have had hundreds of volunteers and we would have had enough signatures within the first week. We need to learn that we have to get out and do the work. We are our elected officials bosses. They work for us, and when they fail to work for their citizens, we must stand up and do something about it, and that’s not just sitting at home and complaining behind a keyboard.

We want to thank our volunteers who were out in the rain, cold and just plain gross weather this last go around!! Without you, we literally wouldn’t have anything to show for our efforts! You are our warriors and a "thank you" will never be enough!

We know that we ran this recall effort correct and ethically. We will never post anything on this page that is un-true. If we don’t have all the information or if we need to do some more digging, we will say that.

Going forward, we are still Taking KC Back! We will use our page and group to post accurate and unbiased information regarding how our city is being ran! We will let you know of candidates and their positions. We will be the place you can go for true and accurate information! We are planning to attend more city council meetings, and hold our elected officials accountable. If any elected official does something illegal or unethical, we will plan to file lawsuits. No one is above the law!

Stick around! We aren’t going away!

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